How to get the most from your headshot photoshoot

How to get the most from your headshot photoshoot

As a new start up one of the most important things is to make the most out of your investments. Be it time, money or resources one way to get more bang for your buck is actually your headshots. Though they are not always essential they go a long way to giving your social profiles and about pages that professional finish.

The way to get more from your headshot photoshoot is to have a selection of photos taken with more ‘real estate’ in the photo. Ask the photographer to position you to the side of the frame allowing for space at the side of you.

Example of some sample poses for inspiration

By including different photos with space on one side you are building a bank of useful images that you can later insert text over and use across social media, your web presence and any resources that you are providing.

Note: Most photographers will close crop your image during a headshot photoshoot or in post production. If at all unsure how to communicate the above with the photographer have a look online for reference images. A print out of a few examples will save you time and confusion during the shoot.

TIP – Take a couple of upper body quick changes with you, both smart and casual!

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