It’s been a year!

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I can’t actually believe it’s been 12 months since I left the security of a regular pay cheque and consistency of a normal working life!

So complete honesty here… Over the following months I spent many nights unable to sleep, scared out of my mind that I wouldn’t make any money, that no one would want to hire me, that I was going to let everyone down. Hours sat crying in front of my computer chastising myself for being so stupid and thinking I could actually find clients and generate business. I missed my colleagues and feeling part of a community, a family that had helped me through some really rough times. I felt lonely and adrift.

Fast forward a year and I am so happy, fulfilled and excited for year two.

So, what the hell happened!?

Free workshops for new business owners

Supported by Ad:venture and delivered by established businesses I attended everything from Social Media best practices, Practical Sales Techniques, Marketing for Growth, Winning Websites and Digital Know How (to name just a few). I met other people in similar positions with their new businesses and realised that I was not alone and that I was still part of a community.
(Thanks to: Social Progress, Fleek Marketing,, IMPACTUS Group)

Research, research and more research!

YouTube became a part of my working day environment and my subscription list contains my work colleagues. Listening to advice from established businesses helped me grow and understand what my next steps needed to be. I Googled everything and read countless blogs, sometimes disappearing down rabbit holes of information that I never realised I needed! I armed myself with knowledge that would not only help me but also my clients.
(Thanks to: TheFutur, Katnipp, Kendyll Hellegas)

Unfailing support from my other half

He consistently encouraged me and believed without a doubt that I could do this (if he had any doubts, he kept them to himself and continued to cheer me on). If you are a partner of someone starting up a new business please, please have patience with them – it takes a period of adjustment for your mindset to change from being an employee taking direction, to taking the reins and steering your business. (Thanks to: PJ x x x)

I said yes to everything

This has been the biggest generator of success and led to meeting some truly wonderful people. Every opportunity that crossed my path for creative work (no matter the type or how small) I said yes to and it always led to other opportunities. I’ve had the freedom and time to try lots of creative avenues that I just didn’t have the time or energy for whilst employed.
(Thanks to: My Something Borrowed, Standedge Visitors Centre)

After about 7 months, of taking onboard all the education that I could, I started to apply what I was learning and my mindset shifted. I was no longer viewing myself as a freelancer but starting to plan strategically for my business. I can now say I’m a proud business owner having pivoted and repositioned my business.

Keep an eye out for further updates!!

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